Monday, July 3, 2017

Feel More Abundantly Heavenly Father's Love

The new transfer actually starts today. I have already worked a week with my new comp, Elder Beeson in Ambolomadinika.

Last Sunday,  only one Investigator came to church even though over ten promised us that they would. That is the way things usually go so it is okay. We are working pretty hard to find some new people at the moment. We have been tracting a lot lately. I can not even count how many times we were stopped by groups of drunk people on the road just to talk with them about their problems. That does not feel very rewarding though because I do not think they will remember the things that I told them.

I have been reading the scriptures a lot lately. I have come to find that scripture study is one of the most calming, mind settling things that we can do. The scriptures are God's loving advice and wisdom for us as his children. I am convinced that those who read from the Book of Mormon everyday will gain a better understanding of their purpose, the direction they should take, and will feel more abundantly Heavenly Father's love for them.

Elder Allen

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