Monday, November 28, 2016

Much I COULD Do On My Own

Hello Everybody,

This week has been an interesting one. There is something going on here called the Frankafoana right now. Every French speaking country gets together and has a conference. It is funny because Madagascar is being really fake just for this week. They made rules for everyone. For this week no one can sell things on the streets, they advise you to stay inside as much as possible, you can't wear sandals, and other crazy things. They also have made the road from the airport to the convention way nice, like first world status. While the rest is still good old Madagascar. It is really funny. I think that was the reason some guy spit in my face. He probably assumed I was French. Everyone here gets really surprised when they realize I do not speak French.

For Thanksgiving we didn't do anything. But the day after Thanksgiving we ate at the Carlton. That is the place where all the French people are staying so it is really nice. The Carlton is gated and has security but we just say Bonjour to the guard and he lets us in every time.

This week I went on a split with my zone leader and his plan was to see how much I could do on my own. So every lesson, he just sat back and stayed quiet unless I asked him to add his thoughts. That day I realized there is a lot more I can say and do than I thought. I even answered people's questions. That is one thing I am still not very good at, understanding native Malagasies.

Madagascar is one of the coolest places ever. The people are great, and the adventure never ends.
Thanks for the love.
Elder Allen

Elder Freestone

 Selfies in front of the mirror

Monday, November 21, 2016

Memorable Moments In Mada

The same old missionary work has been going on, but also there were a couple of weird things that happened.

-During a lesson there was a Malagasy Soap Opera going on in the background. It looked like it was filmed and written by 12 year olds. It was very bad.
-Today we went to  The Croc Farm. We threw a chicken in the cage and watched it get destroyed.
-I also held a Lemurs hand and fed it nuts.

-While waiting to meet up with a member a random man walked up to us. He claimed to be a Prophet of God. It was pretty fun  talking to him.
-While Elder Band and I were walking to an appointment a guy spit on my face, then he ran away.
-When we arrived at one of our times the investigator was really busy because his pig was giving birth. The sad part was it gave premature still birth. He showed us the whole thing.

Those were all the memorable moments from the week. It was a really good week though.

I finally feel like I am able to connect and communicate with my investigators. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest thing we can have and live in our lives. I am very grateful to see all the love and blessings God has for all of his children here in Madagascar. I love this Country and the opportunity to live one of the weirdest lifestyles ever.
Thanks for all the love and support from home.
Elder Allen

Monday, November 14, 2016

We Cannot Wait Around

Dear America,

I heard the news.

Madagascar is still doing good. This week Elder Band and I have been bringing some members to come teach with us. During a lesson the member asked our investigator where he works, he told him that he is still looking for a job. The member told him of some good places to find jobs and even some openings that he knows of. The investigator said that he was waiting for God to guide him to a new job. The member told him that maybe God sent him to tell him of those job openings. The investigator did not agree with him.

The Malagasy people are so funny and weird sometimes... All the time. After that lesson, the member told us that if he is going to wait for God to show him everything that he needs to do then he will never do anything.

This reminds me of a story in the Book of Mormon. The Brother of Jared had a problem. He needed to find a way to light up the inside of his boats during their journey across the sea. Instead of just asking God to tell him what he should do he offered a solution, but still with the intent of needing God's help. He asked God to touch the stones and make them light up. God was more than happy to help.

That is how we need to live. We cannot wait around waiting for God to do stuff for us. We need to work, and find the solutions to our own problems. If we do our part and do all that we can do first, then God will handle the rest if we ask.

Elder Allen

P.S. I have a sweet guitar in my apartment so I get to play guitar everyday.  I haven't found a piano yet.  There is an electronic one at the church, but they take the cord when no one is using it.

Monday, November 7, 2016

His Whole Family Said YES


Our lessons this week have been awesome. We have this investigator named Franky who has already almost finished reading the Book of Mormon. We have only taught him and his family like three times but he has done all the work in finding the truth for himself. Last time we visited him I asked him if he knew the Book of Mormon was true. He said yes. Then I asked him if he knew the teachings of Jesus Christ would bless his life. He said yes. Instantly after that I asked him if he would then follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by some one holding the priesthood authority of God. His whole family said yes. The spirit in that room was so strong it made me cry.

I know that as a missionary it is not my job to convince people or do the work for them. All I do is invite, and give them a Book that if they read they will instantly know how true it is. The Book of Mormon is the evidence of the Restoration of the Gospel. If anyone wants to know if Joseph Smith was a Prophet or not, all you have to do is read the Book of Mormon.

Halloween here was just like every other day, except there is a day of the dead the day after Halloween. No decorations, just a lot of drunk guys on the streets.

Today for P-day we are buy groceries for the week.  I am going to make brownies and banana muffins today for Swarays this week.  Those are when you eat at a members house. This upcoming week is my comps birthday. We are eating good. We are going to go eat at a way good place.  We are going to a 5 star restaurant in Mada called the Carlton. It is pretty expensive there, like 17,000 Ar for a burger. I think that is like 5 or 6 bucks.  Then probably just chill for the day.

Next P-day we are planning on going to a Crock farm.  You get to throw a chicken in and watch the crocks hunt it down.  I will probably bribe the guys there to let the lemurs climb on me.  That it is how the zoos here work.  They charge 500 Ar for the malagasys but 10,000 Ar for Vazas and you have to bribe the workers if you want to go into the cage with the monkeys.  I will try to take a lot more pictures this week.

I am very grateful for Madagascar. It is definitely changing my perspective.
Elder Allen

Today at the cyber cafe. 

A Silent Charlie Chaplin film poster.  The Malagasys put their own dialogue to it.