Monday, November 14, 2016

We Cannot Wait Around

Dear America,

I heard the news.

Madagascar is still doing good. This week Elder Band and I have been bringing some members to come teach with us. During a lesson the member asked our investigator where he works, he told him that he is still looking for a job. The member told him of some good places to find jobs and even some openings that he knows of. The investigator said that he was waiting for God to guide him to a new job. The member told him that maybe God sent him to tell him of those job openings. The investigator did not agree with him.

The Malagasy people are so funny and weird sometimes... All the time. After that lesson, the member told us that if he is going to wait for God to show him everything that he needs to do then he will never do anything.

This reminds me of a story in the Book of Mormon. The Brother of Jared had a problem. He needed to find a way to light up the inside of his boats during their journey across the sea. Instead of just asking God to tell him what he should do he offered a solution, but still with the intent of needing God's help. He asked God to touch the stones and make them light up. God was more than happy to help.

That is how we need to live. We cannot wait around waiting for God to do stuff for us. We need to work, and find the solutions to our own problems. If we do our part and do all that we can do first, then God will handle the rest if we ask.

Elder Allen

P.S. I have a sweet guitar in my apartment so I get to play guitar everyday.  I haven't found a piano yet.  There is an electronic one at the church, but they take the cord when no one is using it.

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