Monday, June 18, 2018

Saying Goodbye to President and Sister Foote

***It is official! I received Sam's flight plans this morning.  
He will be home on Thursday July 19 at 10:14 am.  
His homecoming will be Sunday July 29 at 9 am 
with food at our house after!  


Great week with President Foote! We had our last zone conference with the Footes. It was really sad saying goodbye to them. They have been the greatest thing about this mission.

On Thursday they arrived in Fort D. Friday morning President showed up at our house to drop off my package from my mom. He thought he would meet with us, study together a little bit, and have some interviews... Then we told him that we usually played soccer on the beach on Fridays. He hurried home to change into some shorts and then we met the other missionaries at the beach.

Saturday we had the conference and learned a lot. Seeing as how it was the last Conference with him and for most of us here in Fort D. we talked with him all day long getting deep doctrinal questions answered and advice for life. President Foote has definetly taught me a lot about what kind of person I want to be; for myself and for others around me.

This morning at 3:00 a.m. we woke up and hiked Peak St. Louie to see the sun rise on the horizon. It was freezing cold at the top of the mountain and I was the only one that had brought a blanket so we all cuddled and shared it.
Next week.
Elder Allen

Monday, June 11, 2018

Another Couple Baptized!

This was a good week of work. We have been very busy making our schedule work. This last Saturday we had two baptisms, Fara and Amiry. They are a great couple that will help the branch here.

Funny story from the night that we visited them to do a baptismal interview. I was with Elder Wolfgramm and we had just left the interviews and were then talking about how it went. It was already dark and were heading towards one of the main roads when a random girl seeing us walk by on the dirt path shouts out my name, "Elder Allen!" I assumed who it was and waved but just kept walking because she is actually pretty annoying and always would stop us on the path and try to argue about the gospel. Right then she shouts out again and says in the English language, "I miss you...". What makes this story funny is that I was walking with the district leader and I am the zone leader so from his perspective there was a girl that is in my area who knows my name and says that she misses me. I just started laughing way hard and Elder Wolfgramm taken back started asking, "what are you doing here in this area?!" It was a super funny misunderstanding.  Good times.

Elder Allen

Monday, June 4, 2018

Last Transfer


Last Transfer of my mission starts today. There are six weeks left. Fort Dauphin is changing up a little this last transfer. Elder Passey and I will be working together to combine Bazaribe. He is from Idaho and will be my last companion, I will "die" with him.  Elder Smith leaves tomorrow heading to Antisirabe. Elder Passey and I will become the Zone Leaders. Tanambao the other area I was in here is splitting again like it was before. Elder Stromberg is coming down and "dying" down here with Elder Jackson.  Elder Monson will get Elder Beardall, and then Monson "dies".  At the end of this transfer only three of us will be left here in Fort Dauphin, the rest are dying" in my group.

Some news about the work here in Bazaribe. We should have baptisms this next Saturday. It is a couple that has been trying to get married for a while now and finally just finished it all and now can be baptized. There are a couple of other individuals that are getting close but just need to be more diligent at coming to church and being committed. Other than that we have a lot of people we are trying to visit at the moment because we combined two full schedules. Our days are very full and busy.

Here is a not too good picture of Elder Passey. Next week I will try and get better pictures.

Elder Allen

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Effort for Baptisms


We had some baptisms this week. The baptism was great. It was for Jean and Vola who were recently married. They were extremely happy that day.

When ever there is a baptism we have to coordinate it and make sure everything runs smoothly. So, the baptism day can be a little stressful up to the moment that you step into the font with your investigator. Before the baptism, I was running around getting everything ready. I went and got out the white baptismal clothes for Jean and Vola. They were still wet from the last baptisms that had happened 2 weeks before. I also saw that the bathroom that we change our clothes in was way muddy, so I went and got a mop and cleaned it. In the meantime, the Baptismal Font was leaking and the little kids were playing in the puddles surrounding it. That was a little hectic... However I found it very humorous.

While we were meeting with the branch president, I started hearing some one messing around on the piano in the sacrament room. Thinking it was the kids, I asked Elder Monson to go kick them off of the piano and start playing some music to invite the spirit before we got started. When we walked into the sacrament room to execute the plan, the first thing I see is the young women's president trying to play a hymn, but butchering it so bad that I had mistaken her for children messing around. Elder Jakins and I instantly started busting up laughing.

At the end of the baptism, the members started cleaning the church so it would be nice for sacrament meeting the next day. Some one started heading to the bathrooms to start mopping but the branch president's wife who saw me cleaning the boy's bathroom earlier for the baptism stopped her saying that Elder Allen had already covered it. She went and checked anyways and noticed that the girls was still dirty. They instantly went from being thankful and proud of me to judging me for only cleaning the boys but not the girls. I just thought it was a funny situation seeing as it was not my intention to clean the boys bathroom. I just wanted the floor to not be dirty for my feet while I was changing. It happened to make me look bad in the end favoring boys over the girls. We all just laughed about it.

Baptisms are great... When they are finished. :)

Elder Allen

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Wedding, the Beach and a Lobster to Eat

Hello Everybody,

Early in the week we received great news that one of our investigators was getting married and happened to get all the stuff they needed. We attended their signing at the City Hall last Friday and now they are in the books. They should be getting baptized this coming Saturday.

We have so many families that are kind of in the same situation, where all they need at this point is to be legally married and then they would be able to be baptized. It happens when it happens I guess.

Today it was a holiday so we went to a cool place called Lokaro. It was a really pretty beach that we took pictures.

We happened to find a guy that caught some lobster so we bought some and cooked it all up. It was really good.

Some wisdom from the past week comes from Benjamin Franklin, "A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. A foolish man, his own."

Elder Allen