Monday, November 21, 2016

Memorable Moments In Mada

The same old missionary work has been going on, but also there were a couple of weird things that happened.

-During a lesson there was a Malagasy Soap Opera going on in the background. It looked like it was filmed and written by 12 year olds. It was very bad.
-Today we went to  The Croc Farm. We threw a chicken in the cage and watched it get destroyed.
-I also held a Lemurs hand and fed it nuts.

-While waiting to meet up with a member a random man walked up to us. He claimed to be a Prophet of God. It was pretty fun  talking to him.
-While Elder Band and I were walking to an appointment a guy spit on my face, then he ran away.
-When we arrived at one of our times the investigator was really busy because his pig was giving birth. The sad part was it gave premature still birth. He showed us the whole thing.

Those were all the memorable moments from the week. It was a really good week though.

I finally feel like I am able to connect and communicate with my investigators. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest thing we can have and live in our lives. I am very grateful to see all the love and blessings God has for all of his children here in Madagascar. I love this Country and the opportunity to live one of the weirdest lifestyles ever.
Thanks for all the love and support from home.
Elder Allen

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