Monday, July 24, 2017

Awesome Weird Happenings


This past week went by pretty good. We found a couple of new people and are now teaching a lot more.

While we were tracting the other day we saw a chicken with all of her chicks walking in front of us. As we got closer the mother chicken turned to us and then started attacking Elder Beeson. It became pretty mean so he had to start kicking it in order for it to stop. A little after that we were taking a nice stroll down a quiet sand path when we saw a cat run out from under a gate and then bolt into the closest opening in the neighboring fence. Following that, was a women who opened her front gate very abruptly and then threw a block of wood at the place where the cat had just barely jumped to hide. The women looked at us as we were standing there after just witnessing her trying to destroy that feline. We started to laugh and it made her smile as she was embarrassed and went back into her gate. Those are some of the awesome weird happenings during our tracting moments this week.

During my personal study time I thought of a new topic to start studying. The principle of sacrifice. I already understand the importance of giving up certain things  in order to show God our obedience, but I was more curious about how we can gain more happiness by giving up things that make us happy. Why is it that we have to give up some things that we may enjoy in order to gain a higher form of happiness? I am just starting to study this aspect of sacrifice. While I was reading the Ensign, this concept came to my mind.  My mind was wandering and I was not really comprehending my reading, but right when I thought about that question I read a quote that said, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son."  I think that was a form of God telling me that he also sacrifices things, sometimes for a greater cause or for a bigger purpose. I still want to study more about this. Let me know what you guys think.

Elder Allen

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