Monday, July 10, 2017

She Was the Lord of the House.

This past week was a pretty good one. We visited a lot of members the week before and told them we were looking for people to teach. So this week we returned to see if they had anyone for us and they all did. So we taught a lot of friends and family of the members. They were all really good lessons. I have taught the message of the Restoration of the Gospel more times then I could even count, just this last week. We still only had 2 out of 10 people come to church yesterday who said they would but I think next week will be better.

In a lesson the other day we were teaching this really nice man about Christ's Church when in the middle of the lesson he felt the need to tell us that the Bible says we should drink alcohol because it can help us be hard workers. He said that you should not get drunk but the human body needs alcohol every once in a while to stay healthy. As visitors in his home we did not feel good about just shutting down his belief so in a very nice way I just said, "Hmmm, I am not too sure that is quite true. I actually think we should try our best to not drink because it is harmful to our bodies." He was pretty confused about my answer but we just returned to the lesson. My companion was not talking too much in that lesson so the man looked at him and said, "if you had some alcohol in you then you would not be so tired and could work harder." He was a really funny man and it was an enjoyable lesson. As we were leaving his wife was entering the home and stopped us to thank us for all we do but to please come to her first before entering into her home because she was the lord of the house. She was actually pretty plastered. The word of wisdom might be a hard lesson for them if we get to that point.

Have a good week.
Elder Allen

Sam's Companion Elder Beeson and Sam's great cooking.  

Bike Parts in Sam's backyard.

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