Monday, May 1, 2017

Madagascar is Testing and Training Me


This week we focused hard on getting our investigators ready for their baptism date. As of right now, we have Augustine and Gorgean ready for this Saturday. I am baptizing Gorgean while Elder Wilson is baptizing Augustine. We are way excited for them. The other three people should be baptized this Saturday as well, but we have not finished their interviews yet. We will wait and see.

This last Sunday was a crazy day. Elder Wilson and I showed up early, thankfully, because when the Bishop saw us he asked who was giving the talk today in Sacrament Meeting. Elder Wilson and I had no idea that one of us had to give a talk. But sure as he was, there on the paper by the Bishop's office the word Misionera for the third talk. I told Wilson that I would do it because he seemed a little bothered that no one had told us. I had to prepare a talk about The Gathering of Israel during the two talks just before me. That was a little stressful but went fine. Right after that, we were told that the Gospel Principles Teacher did not show up so I had to teach that class as well with no notice. My Malagasy is fine and understandable, but things like that keep you on your toes.

Madagascar is testing me and training me for something big, I just know it. Living here in Madagascar has been a crazy experience and one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I am still thankful for it.

Have a good week, and enjoy life.
Elder Allen

Branch in Tamatava

Walking through "Poop" water


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  1. Sam, I love your blogs. It is evident your growth in the gospel. Yes, this is preparing you for greater things. Things that are really important.....the growth of the gospel. Your Father in Heaven is proud of you and loves you. We back home feel the same way.