Monday, April 24, 2017

Give him your love for me


My heart is so full this week! It is my Brother's Birthday this Wednesday. I cannot even express how much I love that man. Give him your love for me.

The work here has been going great. Just this last Sunday, I was looking around the church at all the crazy, weird and funny members here in Tamatave, Madagascar. God has changed the lives of so many great families here in the Branch of Ambolomadinika. We have our first baptisms here on the 6th of May. That is the final set date. We are just waiting on some people to get married and others to come to church more often.

Funny Story: The other day we walked to an investigator's house named Benesque. Here in Province you can just walk into peoples homes if you know them, so we did. He was sleeping, passed out on his bed so we didn't want to wake him up. But we needed to leave him a note. So without waking him up, we wrote a note telling him to come to church and placed it right by his bed on his desk. He woke up that day finding a note in his house from the Missionaries. He thought it was funny that we walked around in his house without waking him up. (Homes in Madagascar are one room Huts).

I do not have much to say this week. But I am so very grateful for the gospel and how much wisdom and knowledge comes from it. I know that all the answers are accessible to us if we just read the scriptures and pray to our Heavenly Father. I hopeIi never forget how much God has an effect on my life when I am back home. I know he can help us when it comes to anything, not just spiritual church stuff.

Elder Allen

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