Monday, April 3, 2017

Sticking Around


This is the last week of the transfer here for us. I assume I am staying where I am. We are not sure if Wilson is being moved or not but hopefully he stays for one more tramsfer.  We wont have a baptism this transfer but next transfer should be full of them.

The work up here and the people we have met have definitey been prepared. I love to see all of our investigators at church every Sunday. Just this last Sunday the Gospel Principles teacher could not come, so Elder Wilson and I were asked to teach it for the second hour of church. It was no problem because they were all of our investigators and recent converts anyways. We taught about obedience. Everyone participated so it was great.

Weird Story: The other day during English class the kid sitting next to me asked me a really weird question. His question was about his friend. He told me that in the past he made a deal with the Devil that if he would become rich he would give the Devil a cow. But he now follows Christ and does not make deals with the Devil anymore. His question for me was, "If my friend becomes rich, does he still have to give the Devil a cow?"  I just told him that if his friend becomes rich it is not because of the Devil. And that as long as he continues to follow Christ, has repented for making deals with the devil, and never goes back to doing that sort of thing. Then he does not have to worry about it.

Funny Story: While we were cooking lunch one afternoon Elder Wilson noticed that we were low on eggs for the meal we were cooking. But then he found some really old eggs back in the pantry, so he decided to use those. When he cracked the first one it instantly exploded all over him. It was a rotten egg that had built up a bunch of pressure and smelled way bad. It ruined all of the food in the pan and we had to go out and buy new ingredients.

Have a good week.
Elder Allen

Elder Wilson

Elder Tainter

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  1. Looks like a beautiful country. I don't like rotten eggs either.