Monday, April 10, 2017

"The Bible stands for: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth."


Transfers are officially over. I am staying in Ambolomadinka with Elder Wilson. This next Transfer is going to be great. We should definitely have baptisms this transfer. I do not dare say how many because that number might change. But I am really excited about what is to come.

Just this last week a missionary in my house, who only had about a month and a half left, had to go home early, because he fell back in his chair and broke his toe doing so.  He has to have surgery.

We got to watch General Conference this last weekend, it was a really great message to the world. I am so thankful for the gift Apostles and Prophets are to us. There is a a lot of guidance for us in this life if we know where to find it.  As the Love Guru would say, "Lets look at the BIBLE for a second, the Bible stands for: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth."  I am confident that God has given us all the tools and help we need to have complete joy in this life and the direction to return return back to him. The thing is, we need to be able to recognize his gifts and tools here in our lives. The key to receiving personal revelation about something is to first work for it, ask for it, and be worthy of it. Then you can know the truth of all things through the power of the Holy Ghost. Everything good comes from our Heavenly Father.

Have a good week.
Elder Allen

 With Elder and Sister Ellis from the Seventy

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