Monday, April 17, 2017

Life in Madagascar.


I do not have much time today in the cyber I am at so I cannot write a lot. That is life in Madagascar. But this past week was great. We have 3 new guys in the house. Elder Mccormick from my MTC group, Elder Olrich, and Elder Meshweshwe. They are all great guys.

This last Easter Sunday was good, not a lot of people showed up to church because of the holiday but that is okay. Elder Wilson and I had to teach the Gospel Principles class and we decided to talk about the power of the light of Christ and how to have it in our lives. It was a good lesson and everyone participated.

Our Investigators are doing great right now. We have baptisms. coming up on the 29th of April and should have more on the 6th of May. The only concern is getting people legally married before their baptisms. But I am pretty confident in them because they are pretty committed people and very diligent in the gospel. Tamatave is a great place.  It is a blessing to be able to live here and share the gospel with people everyday. The ability to study the gospel everyday has been a great blessing on its own. There is so much more to the gospel then most people think and it effects more aspects of our lives then we could even understand. The scriptures are surely an amazing tool for us in this life.

Elder Allen

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