Monday, May 8, 2017

Elder Wilson and I Baptized 4 Wonderful People

***Thanks to all who sent Sam a Happy Birthday message.  He said that made him so happy when he opened his emails this morning.  His birthday is Saturday so you can still send him a birthday message and he will get it on Sunday when he Skypes for Mother's Day!  


This week has been great. Elder Wilson and I baptized 4 wonderful people this last Saturday. I am so grateful for the blessing it was to be a part of that. The baptismal font was full of brown water but what can you do in Madagascar.  We are hoping for a few more baptisms in the next two weeks, but are waiting for them to get legally married.

Last Monday was pretty crazy for Elder Wilson and I. The TukTuk (motorcycle taxi) we were taking home from the store was stopped by a police officer on the road. When he saw us in the back he asked for our passports because we are Vahaza (white). We told him that we did not have them and he made us get out of the Tuk Tuk. We spent the rest of the night trying to prove to the Police that we were not Illegal Aliens.  Someone from the office in Tana had to bring us our passports.  It is all good and cleared up now though.

I have the opportunity to spend my Birthday and Mother's Day Skyping home. I am way stoked to see my family for the second time since I have been out here in Mada. I am nearly coming up onto my year mark. The time has flown by.
Have a good week.
Elder Allen

Showering  outside during Cyclone Enawo.

Big ugly spiders outside of their house!

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  1. Congratulations Sam and Elder Wilson. Job well done working for the Lord. Also I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and visit with your family on Mother's Day. Keeping you in my prayers.