Monday, May 29, 2017

I am Going to Learn A Lot

This has been a good week  for the area of Ambolomadinika. We have been finding alot of cool little families that seem pretty interested in our message.

I am going to learn alot this transfer because i am with a companion that is dying at the end of it. He is a very experienced missionary and really good at the language. I am also a District leader which requires me to conduct meetings, share a lesson, and take reports once a week. I also have to do Baptism Interviews for the missionarys in my district.

Funny Story: The other day my companion and i were talking to our Investigator outside of his house/hut when a chicken completely covered in poop came running out from underneath the house. It must have jumped into a poop bucket in the back. It was way funny to watch the Malagasies notice it, freak out, and then chase it. It smelled way bad.

Nothing much new has happened this week other than that.
Elder Allen

 Jessica's wedding to come... Sam was there in spirit and in a cardboard cut out... :)

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