Monday, May 22, 2017

"Don't have a limited view of your potential."

Hi everyone,

The new transfer has begun in Madagascar. We got to see President Foote up here in Tamatave for a Zone Conference. It is always good to see him and feel his spirit. Also I am the new District Leader here in Tamatave for my house.  My new companion is Elder Olsen.  He is from Pleasant Grove.  I knew him from my last area and he is great.

I have been thinking a lot about our potentials as sons and daughters of God. I heard a quote from this last Zone Conference that said, "Don't have a limited view of your potential." I find this statement very applicable to everyone. I know that everyone has a potential bigger than they could even comprehend. This gospel is all centered on the purpose of helping us become like our Heavenly Father who is all knowing and perfect. It is very important to first understand our potential and then second strive to achieve it. The key to this is humility and diligence. If we are humble we can see that there is need for improvement and a possibility to be better. Then, we must work hard to reach that status. This can be applied to anything in our lives that we want to achieve. But the biggest and most important one to strive for is being a disciple of Christ. It is not easy sometimes to reach that potential but it surely is one of the things we can all see is need for improvement in our lives.  Christ surely was perfect. No one here on earth is perfect but everyone should realize that it is there potential and we can strive to become like Him.

Elder Allen


  1. Congratulations Sam. How blessed you are in doing the Lord's work. Last week I was in SLC for a few days. Wednesday, I traveled to Provo with my brother Bob and his wife John and Your Grand father Earl. We went to the Provo Center Temple. What a beautiful experience. When ever I make it to SLC, the four of us do a temple session together. Your Great grandma Ruth and my mother were sisters. Earl and I grew up together. We also stopped at the Utah Valley University Library. They have a permanent stain glass mural that was opened in December. The mural is 200 feet long and 10-10 feet high, depending if it is the beginning or end of the mural. It is called the Knowledge of History and portrays the history of the world from the beginning of time to present. It was marvelous to see and experience. I remember you in my prayers so that the Lord wraps his arms around you and your companions to keep you safe and to find people who want the Gospel in their lives. I also pray for President Monson to find strength, peace and comfort. Keep up your outstanding mission.