Monday, March 6, 2017

"That is How it Should be Done."


The new transfer has come. I am with Elder Wilson who is a transfer ahead of me on the mission. We get along very well, he is a way cool guy. I love him. My new area is called Ambolomadinka. It is full of the nicest people I have ever met. The area at night looks and sounds like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. It is really chill and aesthetic. I love it!!!

The drive up here was a really long curvy road with lots of turns in a packed van. The driver drove as fast as he could just before the right or left axles lifted up off the ground. I was way car sick for the first 4 hours. But then we stopped somewhere in the jungle to get something to eat and then the next 4 hours, I felt pretty good. It was nice. Here in Tamatave, one of the mainstream jobs here is a pous driver who is a guy on a bike pulling a small two man throne with wheels. They are every where. You barter with the guys for the price too.

There is a different dialect here but I actually have not noticed a difference yet, other than a couple of words that you pick up in the first week. So it is pretty cool. The people here do sound cooler though which is fun.

Elder Wilson and I are teaching a guy named Seth from Kansas America who has been living here in Mada for about 2 years with his wife who is also from America. He is a way interesting guy.  He says he is a missionary here too, but he is not part of any faith. He used to be Catholic but now he just reads the bible and lives for God and helping people. He had a lot of questions about Mormonism as he put it. He felt as if all the religions are somewhat confusing. We cleared up some weird things he thought we did, like eat soap, and then we shared our beliefs. Everything we said, he agreed with. And all of the stuff about religion he did not like, we explained how we do things and why.  His response to everything we said was,  "that is how it should be done."  I just kept saying, that is the way it is and was. Teaching him has been a really awesome experience and I'm teaching him in English. He has helped me build my own testimony through all of the questions he asks.  I realize how much more I know it is true and he also realizes how true it is.

Funny Story: One of the days we went to the Shoprite to get some food. As I was walking out, one of the worker ladies looks at me and says, "why do you have that?"  I did not understand what she was talking about exactly and then she pointed at her neck and says, "You are naughty in a sassy way."  I realized she was talking about my birthmark on my neck that looks like a hickey. I tried to explain but she didn't believe me. So i just left.

Funny Story: Elder Wilson and I were in a lesson teaching a guy about the Word of Wisdom. When the neighbors little girl kept looking in through the door and was weirded out by the two white guys. She kept walking in and giggling at us and then leaving. One of the times, she comes in and starts doing a weird little chest shake at us and dancing weird. The guy we were teaching looks at her and just shouts to the neighbors house, "Your child is being Gay, get her out of my house!" Elder Wilson and I started laughing because of what he said while the mother of this little girl comes in and takes her daughter. The little girl was just crying for the rest of the lesson in the other house.  Ha, ha, good times in Mada!

Today for P-day we are going to the beach and then we have a soiree tonight with some members and some good food.  This is the greatest place and Elder Wilson and I work way well together and our sense of humor is the same.   I can tell this transfer is going to be way enjoyable.

Elder Allen

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