Monday, March 20, 2017

The Gospel is Not a Bunch of Rules, It is a Life Style


This week was good. We fixed the bed bug situation. My companion and I decided to not use bed frames anymore. We have our two mattresses on the floor. That seemed to fix the problem, except, the other day I woke up to a giant cock roach crawling on my neck. I slapped it instinctively as it woke me up.

The missionary work here is going great. The members in our branch are awesome and our investigators are very humble. We should have a baptism coming on the first of April.

The picture of the Scorpion was taken in our house. That was right next to one of the missionary's desks in our home.

Funny Story: The other day after English class we all walked home and found that everyone had forgotten their keys. There is a big barbed wired wall that surrounds our whole house except for one spiky metal door in front. We all thought we were screwed. But then I pulled myself up, did a front flip over the door, and then ran around back where there was an unlocked door for me to get in. It was funny because my belt got stuck on one of the spikes, so it forced me to just swing my feet over my head and do a front flip. Everyone was laughing during it because they thought I was going to do a face plant on the other side. Madagascar is also a crowded place so there were lots of Malagasies outside watching a Vazaha trying to break into a house like a gymnast.

I also heard that 2 investigators that I found and taught are getting baptized back in my last area. I am very grateful when I find and teach some one that is willing to listen and act upon our message. Every time they do, I can see how it changes their life and brings them joy and blessings. The Gospel is Not a Bunch of Rules, It is a Life Style that God has told us to live because he knows it will bring us the most happiness in our lives.

Elder Allen
breakfast burritos with homemade tortillas

Riding in a Pous Pous after Cyclone Enawo hit.

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