Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Sweet Message of Gratitude

"The accomplishment of my baptism is a pure moment of great joy to my Heavenly Father and to me.  Today, I thank you all for your support and your effective and lovely attendance during that precious moment. I don't forget to give thanks to Elder Allen, Elder Keyes, Elder Smith, Elder Tambula and especially Elder Choulamani who performed my baptism of water..."Great will be your rewards in heaven guys."  My dearest brethren Nambinina who honorably and worthily conferred me the Holy Ghost.  But above all those, I'm so grateful to my husband and my two children who have been supporting and praying for me from the beginning. "I LOVE YOU."  Finally, my greatest thanks is addressed to the GREAT ELOHIM and His son JESUS CHRIST for their Love and blessings."

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