Monday, February 27, 2017

Sad and Stoked


This is my last week in Ampefiloha. I am heading up to Tamatava with an Elder Wilson from South Africa. For those of you that do not know, it is North of Tana and next to the ocean. It is going to be awesome. They speak a different dialect up there called Betsi Masadeca. That might be wrong spelling.

The Baptism this last Saturday went great for little Tsiory.

It is way funny, her mother is a typical Mormon Mom from like in Utah. She is really nice and when we talk to the boys the mother will always answer for them, for example: "Of course they would love to help you guys teach."

I said goodbye to all the cool members here and took pictures with a lot of them.

The other day Elder Keyes and I got the green light from president to baptize this guy named Andrasana. He has been wanting  for about 7 months to be baptized, but couldn't because of repentance problems. Elders Keyes and I taught a solid lesson with them and at the end dropped the good news.  He now has a baptism commitment. He was way surprised when he heard he could get baptized now. You can see it in the picture with him and his wife holding the little girl.

Ampefiloha has been great and has great people and members. I am sad to leave but also stoked to see the beach.

Elder Allen

Saying good bye to members in Ampefiloha.

Random Pics

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