Monday, February 6, 2017

8 Set for February 25

**No pics this week, the internet and phone service in Mada has been down for 2 weeks. (that is why there was no email last week) We heard from the mission office that a pipe in the Indian Ocean broke and it shut everything down. So, we are lucky to even get an email this week.  He said he has lots of pics and videos to send when they get the internet fixed.  He was finally able to get emails this week too, but he said it is slow. Thanks for all of your love and support.  I can tell he loves and misses you all, especially his skateboarding buddies!
Love, Jenn

Hi, the internet is not going very good here, so I can't say a lot but I was able to read all the emails from every one. I am doing good here. I love to hear about home. It sounds like everyone is doing great. Tell every one I love them and miss them a lot.

My investigators are doing good. I have 8 people with a baptism date for 25 Feb. I am not too sure they will all catch that date because of either repentance issues or not married yet, but I know at least 3 of them will for sure. I hope they can all be ready by the 25th because after that I leave Ampefiloha. I have been teaching them all since my first transfer in the country. But it doesn't matter who does the baptism. I know they will do it sooner or later, whether it is before I leave or not.

But I am still trying to help them get legally married before I leave. Nosy and Silly are 2 of them that are not legally married yet. I love the people here in Ampefiloha, they are finally starting to progress and have good relationships with the church. I will miss them but I am also very ready to go to somewhere different.

Matthew 6:30-31

Love you guys lots. I keep remembering skating, rock climbing, family, friends, and other stuff. It is so crazy that I went from doing all of those things everyday and they affected my life so much but now I am doing something different. That makes it hard sometimes, but I know how important this work is and I will return to those other things one day, hopefully.

I love Mada and all the great things a mission is teaching me and helping so many others. (But I cannot deny that I just really want to skate right now... ) Love you and hope the internet comes back next week because it made sending this really hard and slow.

Yours Truely,
Elder Allen

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