Monday, February 13, 2017

Internet Has Returned - Lots of Pictures

There is finally full internet connection back here in Madagascar. This transfer has been going by so fast it is already almost done. We had 8 people planned with  baptism dates for the end of this transfer but only 3 are going to catch them for sure; Roger, Tsiory, and Franky. I thought we would get 5 for sure but things happen.

There was a family that was very awesome and ready for baptism and they had been coming to church but all we needed to do was help them get legally married first. They were supposed to come to church this Sunday to get help with that from people in our ward but they did not show up. We visited their house after church and only found the wife. About a week before this, we tried to visit them but the husband was not there.  She said she has not seen him for like 2 days we thought that was kind of weird but this is Madagascar so we did not worry. Just this last Sunday we asked her if he ever returned. She told us he didn't because he is in jail right now, but we could see him this Friday at his trial... I had no idea what to say after that. I told here I was really sorry and that we would try and visit them still. He might be in jail for a couple of months, so hopefully the future missionaries go find him again when he gets out. I am trying to get his wife and daughter to still come to church but they are a ittle busy right now so i am not sure what is going to happen to them any more.

Funny Story: The other day i went on a split with Elder Bingham in my area. We tracted into a very nice old guy that was holding a toddler while we taught him. During the whole lesson the little kid would get out of his arms and walk around on the table and go back into his arms. Half way through the lesson the man looks over and starts having a fit. I looked over at Elder Bingham and asked him what is going on. He just answered, the kid just pooped on the table. I look over at the kid and a giant pile of poo is under his legs. It had fallen out of his shorts pant leg. The man says sorry and takes the kid under his arm grabs the entire table cloth and walks out. I started laughing way hard with Bingham. The man returned and we just continued the lesson. It was way funny.

Lately, I have been teaching a lot of Plan of Salvation lessons.  I love to think about the pre-existence.  Our Heavenly Father sent us down to earth so that we may be able to learn and grow in this life.  But like a loving earthly father, he does not leave us alone to figure it out.  He wants us to learn and grow through failure and trials, but honestly he has given us all the help we need to be successful in life and have complete joy.  It all depends on our choices, we choose whether we follow his guidance and use the tools he has given us.  I know this life is for our benefit and happiness.  I am so grateful for all the help from our Heavenly Father like the gospel, scriptures, and prophets and even prayer.  I am eternally grateful for everything I have learned from my parents.  I know I seem homesick at times, but don't worry, it's just because I have the greatest family and friends.  That does not mean that I don't love being here in Madagascar too.  I love it here and all the things I am learning.

Love you guys and miss you lots.
Elder Allen

The picture with the family was a soiree with a family in the ward.  The lady in stripes, we are teaching and she is getting baptized pretty soon.  Her husband is already a member.

fingernail or pick for playing guitar?? :)

bug bite...

Light saber is actually a crayon highlighter that looks like that in photos.

Lemur Park

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  1. Ah, this is the blog I missed. Love your stories and your experiences. The picture of the little boy leaning against the wall is priceless.

    How lucky you got to visit the Lemurs. The different types were on the Plant II program. I love their eyes. Seems like God took a little bit from many animals to make them. What a wonderful experience. May God continue to bless you.
    Virgilia Ann Shearer-Rudolph