Monday, February 20, 2017

Genuine Godly Discussions about a Perfect Plan

One more week in Ampefiloha. It is a little weird leaving my birth area but I am excited for a new place, and new paths. 

The baptisms this Saturday might be turned into just one, a girl named Tsiory. There are about 8 people that I know will be baptized within two months for sure. I was hoping to be here when they did but things happen,  especially here. 

Those last photos I sent (see last post) of that big family on the couch is one of my favorites. Every one is a member in it except the wife in the stripped shirt and the kids. We visit them every week to teach the wife. She used to be very stubborn and did not want to even talk to the missionaries but now she is the greatest investigator. The family feeds us all the time and yesterday Elder Keyes and I gave her a date to be baptized. She heard I was leaving and was concerned that I would not be here for the baptism but I told her that if I am still in Tana then I will definitely come to her baptism. She is way cool. She asks really deep questions that remind me of me before I came on my mission. I kept telling her I had had the exact same questions before and would tell her my thoughts. She is a really fun investigator of the church to have discussions about eternal things with. 

As the language gets easier and more clear it becomes more fun and genuine to talk about the gospel and have Godly discussions with random people in their homes. I am starting to become more and more passionate about this perfect plan of salvation, which includes the gospel, this world, relationships with other people, joy, science, history, the importance of families, everything.
The mission is good.
Elder Allen

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  1. So happy to see your blog today. I think I missed your last one and I have had you in my prayers. Last night I watched Plant II - a new series by the BBC about this beautiful earth. They went to Madagascar and showed the very green land and jungles. I couldn't help but think of your Great-great Grandfather when he went to Tahiti. Everything so primitive. Keep up the good work of the Lord, Sam. You will truly be blessed and so will those who are looking for the truth. Virgilia Ann Shearer-Rudolph in California.