Monday, October 3, 2016

Learning New Traditions in Madagascar

Not a lot happened this week because I had to stay at home most of the days or come home early from headaches but even so there is still stuff to tell you because I am living in Madagascar.

On Saturday I went to a Famadihana which is a weird tradition here where they dig up their dead ancestors and dance with their bones above their heads. Then they wrap the body in cloth and rebury them. We were invited by a member who had a little baby son pass away five years ago and every five years they hold these Famadihanas. It was heartbreaking to see the mom cry as she saw her little babies body after five years in the ground but every one in Madagascar treats it like a celebration. I am eternally grateful that families are forever.

Most people drink for events and holidays so us being the only white guys caused many drunks to approach us and even try to pick pocket us but we were careful so it was all good. At the end of that day I saw a bunch of the drunk relatives get in a crazy fist fight and people just kept joining. That was fun to watch. Then we drove back in a taxi be which is a van bus thing. That was a good day.

General Conference is not until next Sunday for me. We get to watch it in English at the mission office so that is pretty cool.

I hope you guys are doing good back home. Thank you everyone who writes me, I am very grateful for the love.
Elder Allen

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