Monday, October 17, 2016

Adventures in Mada

This week has been pretty cool. I gave a blessing to one of the members in my ward. She was sick and her husband has not yet received the priesthood so they asked my companion and I to give her one. I had to do my part in English though because I am not too skilled yet.

 Also we have been meeting some really cool people that are very interested in the gospel. I am pretty excited to keep teaching them about the gospel and talk with them about God. My ward is pretty cool.  The coolest part is when the investigators come.  I have so many investigators.  I got 22 new investigators just last week.

No need to worry about my health anymore, I am all good now. I am becoming quite the cook lately. I cook all the time and I am getting really creative.  I make breakfast burritos with homemade tortillas, and banana bread that tastes really good. But I miss Mom's cooking so much ha, ha. I love American Food and candy.

The Rainy Season is upon us. The other day I was on a split with Elder Maluleka. We were walking down the streets of Swasonseht which is like a huge market that sells anything you could imagine. We were heading to our next appointment that was like 20 min. away and all of a sudden we started hearing something behind us that was getting louder and louder. We just stopped and I made the comment that the sound seemed like it was chasing us. Then out of no where it was raining buckets and hail the size of marbles. Had to take shelter in a near by store. We stayed there until the owner kicked everyone out. We decided that we were still going to try and finish the day and meet the people we planned to. Elder Maluleka and I were forced to walk in shin deep poop water on the streets. We were laughing the whole way to our next appointment. When we got there the guy was not there. When Elder Maluleka heard this he looked at me and faked cried really loud in front of this family of Malagasies that thought he was really crying. I was just laughing at our misfortune really hard. We tried going to two other people after that and they both dogged us. We almost just decided to go home at this point because we were dripping soaked and walking in poop every where... But we didn't. We went to our last scheduled family and finally got in. It was a very awesome and spiritual. They gave us their umbrella which was very nice of them.

Funny story: After that lesson we had to pee really bad, it was about 8:30 at night and we just ran over to a parking lot across the street. After my comp finished I went while he held the umbrella. At that moment a guy comes walking over and stands right in front of us. He was like the security guy of this parking lot. I just kept going while he said, tsy mety! which means, not okay! i really had to go so I just kept going until I was finished. It was funny because he was standing right in front of me yelling this looking right at my thing while Elder Malulaka was holding an umbrella for me. We were laughing so hard and just left right after I was done.

Good week.  I try to make every day of my mission fun.  I was called to Mada for a reason.  It gives me so much variety and change while doing such a repetitive thing.  Mada makes every day a new experience and I am so grateful for that.  I love it here.  I think at my year mark I am going to switch over to studying French.  A lot of the missionaries are doing that so we can go to the French speaking islands.  As I am getting better at this language the more fun and exciting teaching people becomes.  I can share more and more everyday what the spirit wants me to say.

Love ,
Elder Allen

I also found a real cool skate park in the city of Tana.


  1. Sam you are the cutest missionary I know! I LOVE your letters! So funny. I am laughing every time I read them. Keep up the positive attitude and you will succeed with everything you do in life! Love Aunt Steph G. :)