Monday, October 24, 2016

Weird Things Have Happened


Some weird things have happened this week. First off the work is coming along great. I am learning how to teach and lead most of our lessons, but I am still not very good at understanding people yet.

I saw everyone in my MTC district this week because we had to do VISA stuff, so that was fun. I got to go on a split with my old comp. and my new one. All three of us taught together, it was fun.

I saw a mini running with the bulls this week. We were just walking down a calm path and all of a sudden we looked up. Whenever a Rugby team wins they purchase a bull and run with it down the streets, then they kill it and eat it that night.

Another time during the week we were just walking and a drunk guy was having a hard time walking so I grabbed his arm and helped him stand. When I looked down at his hands and Ii noticed he had two thumbs. This man had six fingers on both hands.

Funny Story 1: I was in a lesson with a fairly new investigator who is a dad with a young son. During our lesson I started getting a little distracted because I noticed their little cat on the window. The guy's son was sneaking up on the cat and when he got close he put his right hand against the cat's neck and the window. My first thought was, that is probably uncomfortable for the cat. But then in about 5 sec. the little kid started punching his cat in the face with his left hand. I started laughing during the lesson. But then concealed it very quickly. I was the only one that could see this happening. I thought he was going to beat it to death. He then grabbed his tow truck and started driving it over the cats body. This kid was destroying this poor cat. Elder Band asked me after the lesson why I kept giggling. I guess I did not hide it very well.

Funny Story 2: One night Elder Band and I were making bread when all of a sudden we heard a loud noise outside our front door. We have a set of stairs in front of our door so I made the joke that our neighbor probably just fell down the stairs. Then we heard a loud moan. Shorlyt after the loud moan, someone ran full speed into our door almost breaking in. They tried a couple of times. Elder Band ran and locked the door while I grabbed the broom ready to fight. But after a couple of attempts of breaking in we heard another noise that sounded like he fell down the stairs again. This dude was drunk and at the wrong house. He kept falling down the stairs and trying to get into his house . He left shortly after. We think he was probably our neighbor coming home drunk and tried getting into the wrong door.

That was my week.
Thanks for all the love and support while I am here.
Elder Allen

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"Walking through the poopy water"

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