Monday, October 31, 2016

"Bagoas" Sam in Mada

This week was transfer week. We have two new guys in our house. Elder Bingham is from Utah, he has been in Mada as long as my companion, Elder Band. Then we also got a brand new trainee in the house. Elder Smith is from Texas. That is all the new news. I gave myself a haircut the other day, then had Elder Bingham clean up what I screwed up on. It looks more like it did when I went into the MTC.

Today is Halloween! I am way bummed though because they don't celebrate it here in Madagascar. And I am not allowed to dress up.

Our lessons are going great. We are beginning to see some progress with our investigators. I am slowly beginning to understand people a little better, so I have been playing around with talking to strangers in Malagasy a little more. Before I would just stand there not knowing what to say or even how to say anything.

No funny stories from this week, it was a pretty regular week. I had an old lady hit on me though. She called me "bagoas" which means handsome. I thought that was nice.

Also after a lesson a guy kissed my hand, which means he really appreciates me. I think our message really touched his heart. He also sang to me. like a whole song, it was like 2 min. long. It was awesome. He might have been a little drunk.

Madagascar is doing good. How is life back in America?
Thanks for the love and support.
Elder Allen

Elder Mccrary just went home i only knew him for one day but he was really cool 

Elder Tangarasi lived in my house last transfer but just went home as well. 

Elder Maluleka is the zone leader that i go on splits with all the time.
(he was the umbrella story guy.)

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  1. Love your weekly blog. Keep it up. May God bless you during the coming week.