Monday, September 26, 2016

I Love Madagascar and all its Weird Perks!

This week has been the adjusting week, to the food, culture, everything. I am also starting to do things on my own like buy stuff from the store in Malagasy and get to know someone. The language is coming slowly, but at least it is coming, thankfully.  We teach about six to seven lessons a day and I am still not able to add much but a couple of statements here and there. So my comp has had to teach on his own most of the time. I am able to add more and more of my thoughts everyday though so that is good.

The people and families we teach are so awesome. I wish I had pictures of their homes because they are so interesting. The other day we were invited into teach this family and on the way to their room or house I guess there were giant pigs. The path was like a skinny wood hallway with a short roof so we had to go right through these pigs. I thought they were going to eat me along with the slop on the floor that they were inhaling as we stepped over them.  I have seen some of the weirdest things here that are so normal now. Like cows just walking down the street in the middle of traffic.

I am starting to get used to the breast feeding thing. I have never been weirded out by breast feeding before but here you can have a mother just start doing it right in front of you as you teach her and her family, which is fine. The weird part is the kid is usually like six or seven.  We always walk on the sketchiest wood paths that could break at any moment and you could fall into a swamp that is full of who knows what.

I love this experience!!  I love Madagascar and all its weird perks! I love the gospel and being here sharing it with these people has made me love it even more, because i have seen it bless lives and bring so much happiness. There are so many questions that people have including me about life and after life. And if you just read the Bible and the Book of Mormon you can find the answers. I am so thankful that God continues to talk to us and give us guidance. I am thankful for a prophet that has the authority to receive revelation from God. I know that because God loves us he gives us things and ways to know how to make it back to him and be happy in this life and in eternity. The way you can know this is true by seeking and trying. If you act and do your part to find truth then God will do his part and make it known unto you. But if you do not do anything God will not do your part for you. We need to act. Read, ponder about it, then pray and ask God if it is true. He does not want us to be lost.
Thanks for listening,
I hope life back home is going good.
Elder Allen

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