Monday, December 5, 2016

I am Enjoying all the Good Stuff and the Bad

Send Sam some love for Christmas.  His email address is  He would love to hear from you.

This week is transfer week. I am staying in Ampefiloha but my companion Elder Band is going to Itsosy. My new comp is a Malagasy who's original mission was in South Africa but his Visa expired so he is back here. He can speak pretty good English but he chooses not to. I will definitely get a lot of practice with the language this transfer. I am pretty excited.

The work is going good. I am starting to get used to all the weird things that happen to me every day. I think when I return to America I will never be surprised ever again.

I did just find out that one of my investigators rents out rooms for prostitution. That was way awkward when in mid-conversation a hooker and a skinny guy in a hoodie walk up to pay our investigators for a room. They did tell us that they don't rent it out to minors though, so that is good. I am not sure how we are going to tell them that they have to stop the family business if they want to get baptized. Their only other source of income is a bar they just opened up... We will wait and see.

It is rainy season now. It has rained every day this week. It is good and bad. Depends on if you forget your rain jacket or not. I am enjoying all the good stuff in Madagascar but I am also enjoying the bad. The mission is an adventure. I love it.

Elder Allen

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