Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas & Disrespectful Chickens


Christmas was very nice. We went to Church, then went to a members house after. I ate a four course meal and almost died I was so full.

We hung out for a while then went back to our Church and saw Elder Bingham doing his skype.  I did my skype on Christmas Eve. Seeing my family was the greatest thing ever.

Before skype, was my ward's Christmas party. I showed up a little late and it looked like they did not plan anything and were just winging stuff it was funny.  Then they asked if the missionaries would come up and dance for every one. We awkwardly walked up and they started playing music and we danced in front of everyone. It was awful. Then the guy came up with another idea and asked the primary to come up and sing a Christmas song. Then, they called on random people asking them to share stuff. The party was a little bad.

Funny Story of the Week:
Earlier in the week we were teaching a family when a Chicken walked in. We were perfectly fine with it, but the family acted like this Chicken was disrespecting us or something so the dad grabbed it and threw it out the window. Within 5 seconds it would come back in and we would tell them that it was no problem. But these guys would not have it. So the dad grabbed the chicken and put it in the shelf and shut the door. 20 sec later it found its way out and walked right in front of us. The dad grabbed it again and it would squawk loud every time. But this time he didn't know where to put it so he just chucked it under the bed really hard, it came walking out from under the bed again and he just kicked it out the door. My comp. and I were laughing that whole lesson.

I really do love my mission. I love the crazy people, and the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

I am so grateful for all who emailed me this Christmas Season and sent me some love from home.

 Elder Allen

Grandma Jeanne sent it to Sam.  So cute.  

Sam's comp, Elder Randri. 


Then Sam's feet and a chicken.

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