Monday, June 19, 2017

Q&A with Elder Allen

Sam didn't send a group email today.  But he chatted with Scott and I for a second and then sent some pictures.Here are some highlights of our conversation:

What did you do today for P-day?   
"We played soccer again with the same kids, we had ice cream, we made banana bread for a soiree, and now we are cybering."

Is the weather cooling off now? 
"I do not think it could ever be cold in Madagascar.  But I am used to the weather now so it is not hot, just warm all the time."

Are you finding new investigators?     
"I am finding new people to teach every week here, but they are not always the most diligent."

That was about it from Sam today.  
Sounds like he had a busy P-day and not much time to cyber!

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