Monday, January 23, 2017

When Can I Be Baptized?


This new transfer has been great. My new companion is Elder Keyes who is about 3 transfers ahead of me on the mission. He is a funny guy who is from South Africa, talks with an accent, and knows everything about video games.

This Sunday was really awesome. We were sitting in Sacrament with no investigators at church like usual, when Nosy and Silley jump out of no where and sit by us. They are some investigators I have been teaching for a while now They live pretty close to the church in a little city of wood/trash buildings no bigger than a van. They stayed for sacrament but then had to leave. Before they left they asked if we could come and teach them that day and we said yes. That night we made our way across a path made out of banana peels, corn on the cob, and trash while passing mothers that all make the same joke that they will give their naughty kids to the Vasas in order to make them cry. After all of that, we made it to Nosy's house. In the lesson I asked them what they thought about church. The wife had a question about one of the talks that was about Eternal Marriage. I told them about the sealing power of the priesthood and how it can seal things here on earth and also in heaven in Matthew 16.  I brought the lesson back to Joseph Smith and how God restored that authority so we could use that power which had been lost. Which means we still have that power to seal families here on earth and for eternity today. Then they understood that we told them that the same priesthood power is what you need when you get baptized. Then I brought up baptism and explained how it is the door to that path towards eternal marriage, the wife instantly asked,
When can I be baptized?... 
When I heard that, I could not hold back my joy. I asked her, "How about February?"  They both said yes. I am so touched by this little humble family that has so many temporal things they could be worrying about, but instead all they can think about are the Godly things.

I know that if we align our paths with God, then we will start to see a change in our lives. We will have eternal joy, and more blessings than we can handle. D&C 111:11.

Elder Allen

New Comp Elder Keyes

 Elder Keyes, Rice Paddies.

Climbing out of a loft

Baptism font (Elder Keyes, 

 3 elders on wall are Elder Keyes, Sam, Elder Smith,

 Sam's house saying good-bye to Sister Wooley (nicest lady in the world)

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