Monday, January 9, 2017

Pray and Ask God and Please be Sincere


This week was a good one. One of my favorite investigators came to church this Sunday. His name is Franky and he told me that the only reason he has not already been baptized is because of his wife. But we just found out that she has been cheating on him. But now he knows about that he finally decided to come. The sad part is he came alone. But we have the coolest member named Fr. Tolotra who is about 3 1/2 feet tall and walks with a cane because of his legs that sits and talks with all of our investigators, nicest little guy. I am telling you, the members make it or break it. I am grateful for the ones that make it.

The other day I was on a split when I tracted into a big families house. They let us in but seemed a little off. When I asked if they had a faith, this really proud woman answered, "Yeah we are JDUBS and actually I am a missionary like you guys but for my church." My first thoughts were, Oh S#@~.. We had just walked into a lions den. But I kept it cool. I decided right then and there I was not going to bible bash with this family because it is a waste of time and you don't return after anyway.  So i just told her, "Oh that is cool."  Then told her our purpose and then shared a simple sweet message trying to not be too deep with doctrine because I knew she would just argue about it. I told them what the gospel was and how it is like a path but if the path is lost or losing some parts then we cannot make it to our destination. I explained the apostasy and how it happened. Then brought up, because of that there must be a restoration. I explained Joseph Smith and then asked if there were any questions. Some of the guys actually said, "that makes a lot of sense". But then the girl just went off trying to explain to those guys why it is actually wrong. The things she said were the craziest things I have ever heard but I did not want to argue so I just listened. But my comp could not help it. He went off countering everything she said. And then I sat through like 30 min of war. I stopped it and just told them we have to go now but if you really want to know truth then you should pray and ask God if Joseph Smith is a Prophet and to please be sincere.

Funny Story: I was walking down a path and a little kid yelled JACK at me. I did not understand why but then my Malagasy Comp who did not know how to explain in words pulled out his planner and drew a big boat and wrote TITANIC. Apparently I look like Leonardo DeCaprio to a lot of people here. That was the second time some one had told me that.

Quote:"Families are not just meant to make things run smoothly here on earth and to be cast off when we get to heaven. Rather, they are the order of heaven. They are an echo of a celestial pattern and an emulation of God's eternal family."

Elder Allen

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  1. Elder Allen, you make my heart sing with the way you are taking your mission head on. The Lord knew exactly where to send you, so you could touch their hearts.