Friday, August 12, 2016

Relating Sam Wise Gammgi to our Savior Jesus Christ

Note from mom:
I loved this email from Sam today!!!!  I will never watch The Lord of the Rings the same way ever again!!

Also, if you picked up a picture of Sam at his farewell, THE EMAIL ON THE BACK IS WRONG.  His email is  (not .com)

I feel terrible if you have tried to email him with the wrong email address.  I chatted online with him today.  He says he loves getting emails but he especially loves the Dear Elders because he gets them in his mailbox and loves to read them at night.  He begged me to write as often as I have time for, he loves to hear what is going on at home and doesn't make him homesick.  So please send him some love while he is still in Provo.

If you want to send him a dear elder, it is a free way to send a letter to him on the same day.  Go to  You will need to send it to Elder Samuel Allen, because there are 2 Elder Allens going to Madagascar.  His mission code is mad-ant, his departure date is Sep 14, and his MTC unit # is 123.  They will print your letter, stick it in an envelope and put it in his box that same day!

He sounded so good today and so happy!  Thanks to all of you for the support!



This has been a humbling week for me. I am already starting to get anxious and just want to go to Madagascar.

I thought of an analogy for the MTC the other day. The MTC relates to flying internationally. It is long, uncomfortable, the food is not that good, you are sitting next to a stranger, and your sleep schedule is not normal. The only hope you have is that small light you can see right in front of you. On a plane that light is a small Monitor with all the latest new releases. At the MTC it is the light of Christ... shining in your eye keeping you awake when you want to sleep. This life style is hard to adjust to, we are encouraged to give our all to others. The character of Christ is something i want to reflect in my own character as his representative. Being full of love, charity, and humility at all times and for all people.

I was thinking about the Lord of the Rings the other day. Specifically the Return of the King towards the end of the movie. It is crazy how much you can relate Sam Wise Gammgi to our Savior Jesus Christ. Frodo represents us. He carries a burden, a sin, a weight around his neck. Sam promises Frodo that he will never leave him, all he wants to do is help. There is a time when Frodo tells Sam to leave, go home. Frodo tries to face his trials on his own but Golem (Satan) leads him to almost utter destruction. Right when Frodo is almost lost forever Sam Comes right when he needs him. Bringing a light with him. He fends off the darkness and saves Frodo even though he turned his back on him. If we turn our backs on the Lord we can become lost and our burdens can become heavier. But the Savior will never break his promise. He wont leave you, his desire and will is to save and point out the light when you are blind to it. There is a part when Frodo and Sam are in Mordor and laying on the black rock. Sam points out a star in the sky and says, "Frodo look, even in the darkest of times and places you can always find light." When the sky is filled with smoke, black clouds, and you think all light in the world is lost, just look to the lord and he will point out the light. Frodo then goes on to climb the mountain with the intent to get rid of his burdens, and weights. It is too much for him and he is about to give up. Right then Sam says, "I cant carry it for you, but i can carry you!" he carries Frodo to the entrance of the volcano. Then they go on to lift Frodos weight off of his shoulders and getting rid of it, bringing light and happiness to Middle Earth once again.

I want to be like Sam Wise Gammgi. I want to find people in Madagascar that carry their burdens and trials around their necks. I want to point out the light. I want to carry them to the Atonement of Christ so that they may have the weight lifted from them. I know this Gospel is true and through it we can come to understand what is really important. To us and to our Heavenly Father.

My thoughts from this week,
Elder Allen

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