Friday, August 5, 2016

First Letter

HI everyone,
Sam's first p-day was today.  So his p-days will be on Fridays while he is in the MTC for the next 6 weeks.  If you want to email him, send it before next Thursday night so he will get it next Friday.  His email address is  

His mailing address for the MTC is:
Elder Samuel Allen
2005 N. 900 E. #123
Provo, Ut 84602

Also, there is a great service that I am sure many of you know about called  You can actually type a letter and send it through "dear elder" for stamp required.  If you send the letter before noon, they will print it off and actually deliver it to his mailbox that same day.  That way he will get your letter immediately and not have to wait for the mail or p-day to see your email. 

Missionaries love emails but they especially love getting actual mail in there mail box and this is an easy free way to give him love and encouragement while in the MTC.  Thanks for loving and supporting him.

Jenn (the momma)

Hello (manahoana)

I am actually a missionary. I never thought this day would ever come. The first day in the MTC was a huge lifestyle change for me. I was really overwhelmed and felt like i did not know enough about how to teach the gospel. The best advice i did know is that the spirit would help me know what to say when the time comes.

The first day a huge group of about 50 Elders were put in a room and had the opportunity to talk with an investigator about the gospel. My new companion, Elder Strongberg, being a really willing missionary looked at me and said, "I will stand and speak to her if you do." I agreed but didn't actually plan on doing it. He stood up instantly and shared his testimony about the gospel. I sat there for a while and tried to think of all these things to say but nothing came to mind. I thought the spirit was ignoring me. All of a sudden my companion raised his hand  for the microphone to be passed to him again. I was confused since he already spoke, but when he got the mic he instantly passed it to me. I was so caught off guard and when i stood up my mind was blank. I took a deep breath and just started to talk. At that moment when i needed the spirit most, it came to help. I stopped thinking and just started to talk, everything i said seemed like the perfect summary of the gospel and our missionary purpose. that was my first lesson on how we are just the mouth pieces for the lord.

First day in language class was ruff. The teacher spoke in Malagasy only and he still is today. I found out that he will never speak any English to us ever. So i just sit and listen very intently.

the MTC is hard, it isn't always fun. but i am coming to forget about myself and think more about others. My main goal is to help Gods children know how important they are and how much their Father in Heaven loves them, knows them, and understands their wants and desires. God sees our potential and wants us to live to our fullest. I am trying my best to see people the way he does so i can be a worthy representative of him.

These are some pictures of my language class, my Madagascar district,and my companion.

Mom i love you and miss you. Tell Dad, Jessy, and Tanner how much i miss them and love them.

Elder Allen

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